Friday, January 16, 2009


From the title of this blog (I'm still getting used to that word) you'd think this would be about porn film titles. If I titled it "Shaving Ryan's Privates" or "Foreskin Hump" possibly... but my main bitch today is about paper.
Living in the "Paper Valley", paper is an essential part of our community but it's also a tremendous burden on those of us who are... let's say... responsible.
What the hell is it with people not replacing paper products when they are emptied?
Responsible people finish the last square of t.p., the final sheet of toweling or the last in a ream of printer paper and replace it with a fresh batch. The remaining 99% of the population doesn't.
THIS WEEK ALONE -IN THIS BUILDING - I, me, John - son of Barbara, have had to change the printer and toilet paper twice and the break room hand towels three times!!!!!
And this was a good week.
The most aggravating thing though isn't when people leave the cupboard bare, but when they leave one little sheet clinging by it's last fibrous strand to the tube - passing the responsibility on to the next poor sap.
Tree Pun intended.

I believe we are legally required to replenish whatever the paper stock we use - invoking a long standing, and little used codicil in the "he/she who wipes last" rule of thumb - or whatever digits you use.
OK, it may be one of those yellow let it mellow brown flush it down unwritten rules of society - but what about simple common sense and courtesy to your fellow man?
I will leave you with my philosophical question of the day;
If a paper roll is emptied and no one is around... does it get changed?
The answer isn't found through a Decartian-level discussion but in an unfortunate but resounding.... NO!

If you see the tube.... don't be a boob.