Thursday, April 16, 2009

Because He Could...

I know... I know... don't judge a man unless you've walked a mile in his shoes....
but this one. *WHEW*
A convicted sex offender from Brooklyn took a bite out of crime and a bite out of himself too. Damiene Iriarte was found naked and bleeding behind a building in the Fort Greene section of Brooklyn after having bitten the tip off his own penis, police told a local newspaper. It goes without saying that he was subsequently hospitalized. "How he did it? Limber, I guess. Not the work of a sane mind," a police official told The Daily News. You think? It's not clear why Iriarte bit his own penis, but investigators might be just as confused -- or impressed -- that he did it at all. He's recovering at Brooklyn Hospital Center, representatives of which have not returned calls seeking comment.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Good Luck Chicago

The Chicago Bear's 2009 Football Schedule is out.
And apparently new QB Jay Cutler has been too.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Natural Selection

Here's one for the Darwin Awards.
A woman jumped... was not pushed... did not slip... on her own accord, jumped into the polar bear enclosure at the Berlin Zoo.
Media are calling it a polar bear attack. She was bitten several times and is in serious condition. Do I feel sorry for her? Not one bit. The enclosure is there to keep the bears in and you out. Again my mantra is "buy the ticket... take the ride" and she's lucky her ride didn't end as a mid-day polar bear snack. See picture to the right. If you like things that move, not unlike the polar bears themselves,
here's the video.