Thursday, February 5, 2009

Publix Display of Inflation

A story brought to our attention by CBS 5 News Anchor Tom "Z" Zalaski.
An, obviously, lonely guy (see right) was having a... uh... ummm... well here's the headline.
Click and Enjoy.
Floridian nabbed for public ménage a trois with plastic partners.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Top of the Mountain(s)

Per our conversation on the Afternoon Road Show, here's the link to the feel good story about a woman achieving - through seeming insurmountable odds - her dream of having the worlds largest boobs.
Well she did tit.. er... it. And I believe this is a testament to everyone that has a dream (or two) no matter how big (or Bigger) your dreams are, if you believe in your plastic surgeon and can afford the trip to a 3rd world country, you can achieve anything! Even 38KKK knockers. Congratulations Sheyla... you've come a long way baby.
Oh yeah ... if you want to read (HA!) about the story, here's a pair of links.

link 1


link 2

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Florida Freak File - THE MOVIE!!!

Today's Edition of the "Florida Freak File" takes us to Orlando where we have video
from news station WFTV of a motorist being taken down on I-4.
He was pulled over for following (a trooper nonetheless) too close, speeding (72 in a 65) and refusing to give license, insurance and registration.
One word buddy... comply.
Copy... Paste and Enjoy the freak show.

If you need further help (and God help you if you do) here you go.
*WARNING* contains some "flowery" language.