Friday, July 10, 2009

Light Up Be Happy

Italian Chandelier...

There is an e-mail going around the internet that says that of all the sex positions the Italian Chandelier (AKA Italian Hanger or Italian Banker) burns the most calories. Here is a 'supposed' list of the positions and how many calories they burn:

Missionary 12 Calories
69 lying down 78 Calories
69 standing up 112 Calories
Wheelbarrow 216 Calories
Doggy Style 326 Calories
Italian Chandelier 912 Calories

This must be a list for women only because missionary only burns 12 calories. Anyway, in this position the female definitely is a busy person. She lies on her partner (facing upward) and arches her back to allow penetration. Then she has to do a crab-like back-bendy motion to get the motion going.

I don't know if you will really burn 912 calories but young Italian women always look great on TV despite the fact that they eat a lot of sausage (salcissa).