Friday, August 27, 2010

The New Randy Rhoads

Ozzy Osbourne has performed with a huge list of musical giants: He jammed with Metallica at last year's Rock and Roll Hall of Fame anniversary concert in New York, sang for Slash on the guitarist's recent solo disc, and even hooked up with the Wu-Tang Clan for a track on his greatest hits "Bible of Ozz." But the Prince of Darkness's latest - and most pint-sized - collaborator is one of his most intriguing yet: 10-year-old Japanese guitar prodigy Yuto Miyazawa.Miyazawa recently joined Osbourne on the singer's six-date summer Ozzfest tour, performing the classic "Crazy Train" alongside Ozzy and his band. Blabbermouth tracked down footage from the August 21 show in Hartford, Connecticut, where Miyazawa did an awe-inspiring Randy Rhoads impression: He wailed on the same black-with-white polka-dotted flying-V guitar Rhoads was known to use - and Ozzy even hoisted the young guitarist into the air (around the three-minute mark) to replicate the cover of the song's 1987 live single

R.I.P. S.R.V.

He wasn't the headliner, but some say Stevie Ray Vaughan stole the show that night 20 years ago today. His wailing Stratocaster and Texas brand of blues had people on their feet.

It would be the guitarist's last performance. At age 35 and with his career peaking, Vaughan was killed when the helicopter carrying him from Alpine Valley Music Theater crashed on takeoff in the fog.

Death came instantly early that morning of Aug. 27, 1990, yet it would be nearly six hours before the wreckage was located on the side of a 150-foot ski hill at the adjoining Alpine Valley Resort.

R.I.P. S.R.V.

Eddie Van Halen and The Smoking Gun

The first installment of MTV's "Now I Can Die" video series features singer Brent Smith of the Jacksonville, Florida-based hard rock/post-grunge band SHINEDOWN recounting a funny road story involving legendary guitarist Eddie Van Halen. What we learn is ...Don't PISS Eddie Van Halen off OR he will return to speak. Diamond Dave... we're talking to you.
You can watch the clip below.

=) LOL WTF ????

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Weiland FALLS to Pieces... and the Floor

STONE TEMPLE PILOTS frontman Scott Weiland fell off the stage during the opening number, "Crackerman", of the band's set Wednesday at the Riverbend Music Center in Cincinnati, Ohio. According to one person who attended the show, "[Scott] was fine and the show continued [in the fan-filmed video below]
*CURIOUS* that he didn't really miss a note after he fell.
The incident in question can be seen around the one-minute, 27-second mark in the clip below.

Life Prank Calling Seinfeld Actor

SEINFELD star LEN LESSER was forced to turn to the cops on Wednesday after receiving an influx of prank calls.

The 87-year-old actor, who played Seinfeld's Uncle Leo on the sitcom, was furious after he was bombarded by a multitude of callers, asking him, "Are you Uncle Leo?"

Lesser asked authorities in Burbank, California to come to his home because he "couldn't take it anymore", according to

Police are reportedly investigating the matter.

I Got One! Retro Idiotic Product

We all know how hilariously ridiculous some TV commercials are, but this one from the '80s was so over the top that it's actually becoming popular almost 30 years later. It's a spot for a product called Mr. Microphone, which lets people talk through their radios. Ohhhh .... Ahhhhh.... OK Maybe I'm kinda' jaded.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

If I Only Had a Brain

I realize this goes without saying but this is the MOST AMAZING HAY BAILING VIDEO YOU WILL SEE ALL DAY... perhaps EVER!

Smile! You're on Stupid Criminal Camera!

From The Huffington Post.
If there's two things we can't get enough of here on the Afternoon Road show it's stupid criminals and photobombs. Somehow, the cosmos aligned and this morning we were given this glorious combination of the two. And it even has a happy ending! This adorable family attending a wedding in Madison, WI stopped to take a picture and got PHOTOBOMBED by a guy robbing their bags. The amazing part? The photobomb was all the evidence they needed to catch him.

After seeing the image on the camera moments later (good thing for digital!) they alerted the police and caught the guy later that day with all their cash, credit cards, cameras, and an iPad, or so they told Gizmodo. We're glad they caught the guy, but we're pretty sure if the cops hadn't found him that tough-looking little girl would have. (Via Yahoo News)

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ground Control To Major Tom

NASA has announced a new “Wake-up Song Contest” to allow the public to choose just what songs the crew will hear on the final flight of the space shuttle Discovery this November. While the voting is, unfortunately, limited to a list of 40 previously played songs (so sadly, no “Flight of Icarus” or “Space Oddity”), there are still some intriguing choices available for voters, including Metallica’s “Enter Sandman,” 3 Doors Down’s “Kryptonite,” Tom Petty’s “Free Fallin” and “Blue Sky” by Big Head Todd. The top two vote-getters will wake up the crew on their 11-day mission.

A second component of the promotion allows aspiring musicians to submit original songs, with the winning entry to be played on the last planned shuttle mission aboard the Endeavor in February.

Mark Kelly, commander of the final Endeavor mission said, “Space shuttle crews really enjoy the morning wake-up music. While we don't have the best-quality speaker in the space shuttle, it will be interesting to hear what the public comes up with.”

Those interested in either voting on the Discovery song list or submitting an entry for the Endeavor mission should visit the NASA website.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Ozzy Deserves An Ozz-car For This

And the Oscar for Best Pre-Rock show Video Montage Goes To ..... OZZY!!!!
the video mocks, Jersey shore, Twilight, Avatar, Lady Ga Ga, The Hangover, etc.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Ben vs. Jerry

On this corner.... Mr. Softee. On the same corner The Softy Ice Cream Man. Let's get Ready to RUMBLLLLLLEEE!!

New York City ice cream men are apparently pretty territorial about their spots. Last week two frozen treat dispensers got into a street brawl over truck positioning and branding that would have made Ken and Ryu blush.

Here's a video of the attack.

Forward to 1:45 in the video for action

Warning -- off-color language and violence are herein

Jordan's Idiotic Product: The Snazzy Napper

Move over Snuggie, there's an even more ridiculous product on the market. The Snazzy Napper is a blanket that covers your entire head and face, except for an "oval nose opening" that "provides for easy breathing." It's perfect for anyone looking to block out even the slightest trace of light in order to nap in complete darkness.