Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Red Heads + Dead Heads = New Christmas Song

Sammy Hagar debuted a new Christmas song at his Christmas benefit concert in Mill Valley, California earlier this month. He was joined on "Santa's Going South for Christmas" by Bob Weir and Mickey Hart of The Grateful Dead, and you can check out the performance on Hagar's website,

Time for a Trip to the Hot Tub

Friends and Family (mother) who wonder (aloud in front of me usually) "Why haven't you had any children yet?" are likely to get one of two responses from moi; common sense and Trojan brand condoms. But since we're living in a visual (and material) world, I will direct those detractors to my lack of propagation to "EXHIBIT A" below... as you watch, I'm heading back to the hot tub to kill some swimmers. Merry Christmas Everybody!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

P (I) S 3

Sega is making a gaming interface called “Toirettsu” which the (presumably male) user controls by selectively peeing on different sensors:

This is a teched out version of those little targets found urinals. Not surprising that Toirettsu is intended for restaurants’ and retailers’ toilets in the hopes that pissing mini-games will result with more customer pee in the urinal and less on the floor. It is also possible for restaurants and retailers to include advertisements on the Toirettsu screen.

Monday, December 20, 2010

MNF - Are You Ready For Some Alcohol ?!

The Minnesota Vikings' Monday Night Football game is supposed to be dry -- as in booze-free -- but we've learned a stadium-adjacent liquor store is stocking up to help fans smuggle their hooch.


Value Liquors -- which is right next to TCF Bank Stadium in Minneapolis -- tells TMZ they're preparing for huge business since officials nixed alcohol sales in the college stadium for the matchup with the Chicago Bears.

We're told the store ordered 50 cases of flasks, and over 4,000 airplane-size bottles of liquor. Hmmm ... wonder what fans are gonna do with those?

Peeps at the stadium say flasks and alcohol are strictly prohibited ... but fans tend to forget the rules when it's 20 degrees and snowing.