Thursday, November 12, 2009

My New TV Obsession

Full Throttle Saloon - Check it out on Tru TV. And I don't feel bad because it's Not Reality... it's Actuality.

Las Vegas Strip... Really!

Leave it to the marketing gurus from LasVegas to roll out the stripper-mobile. Yep, it's what it sounds like. Deja Vu Showgirls is taking a truck(think of a U-Haul with plexi glass) up and down the Vegas strip (ha ha) with three entertainers performing on a pole in the hopes of luring customers (siren style) back to the venue.
Dangerous? Possibly if you're driving and digging for singles.
Inventive? Absolutely! And I'm guessing the stripper-mobile is an example of "Free Speech" or "Artistic Expression" as defined by community standards - it is Vegas after all.
Viva Las Vegas!
Again .... Picture > 1000 Words.
Enjoy! J.J.

Rock Out

If you've ever seen the "Watch Out For Falling Rocks" sign while driving and thought that looking for rocks falling while driving sounds much more dangerous than the actual rocks themselves... take a a look at what a news crew in Tennessee caught on camera.
Consider yours truly on the look out from now on. WOW!

Fore! Oops! I Should've Yelled Two.

Golf Bra from Japan.
Words can't explain... video does better.
Start the Caddyshack puns .... now!

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ooo Ahhh Ohhhh Christmas Tree!!!

They're festive and X-rated, and now they're back on store shelves in time for the holiday season. The box they're sold in calls them "holiday ornaments." But some people are not happy some stores are once again peddling what they call "pornaments." One ornament has two reindeer and another has a couple of snowmen, and all are in compromising sexual positions. Think Rudolph goes to the misfit land of Kama Sutra.
The ornaments cost $10 at Spencer's Gifts and various other stores.
There is a warning on the back of the box that says "they're not intended for children". On the front of the box, it says "for adults only."
Honestly GET OVER YOURSELVES. Have you seen anything else in Spencer's that may be "suggestive" or "sexual" in nature? Look toward the beads and black lights in the back of the store in the ADULT section - where you can find these ornaments BTW.
If you have a problem with SNOWMEN and REINDEER humping (or maybe an engorged Elf or two) how about the commercialization of Christmas in general. That could be construed as rape in many people's eyes.
It's a simple fix.... with radio and television programs that offend people... turn the dial. With stores that sell offensive material... don't shop there.
Sheesh! Just another reason I hate Christmas. Bah Humbug!!!!!
SEE Over Reactive News Report Below.

Video: Sexually Graphic Ornaments Sold

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Hic..Hic...Hic...TAXI!!!!!! oops!

Check out this incredible footage of an intoxicated woman's nearly deathly encounter with a subway train on Boston's Orange Line last weekend. The commuter train stops just inches from a drunk rider, who apparently fell onto the tracks.
Train operator Charice Lewis, 27, has been honored by the T's Board of Directors as a hero. Lewis, of Mattapan, said she did not have time to think when she hit the emergency brake to save the woman's life.

9 1 1 Emergency... how much for the drugs?

Like a movie theater... when dealing drugs it may be a good thing to turn off your cell phone. Two idiots from Oklahoma accidentally dialed 911 while dealing . Not knowing they were live - the dispatcher could clearly hear their conversation - tracked the phone to the house and
Knock Knock!! Who's There? Jail.
Oh, the phone was also stolen... go figure.
Enjoy J.J.

News Link W/ AUDIO

Dearly Beloved We Are Gathered Here Today...

.... to beat the S#!T out of each other !!!!!
Ahhh.... Florida. Where the "Something Blue" from a recent Florida wedding is a Black and Blue Eye for some of the guests.
Apparently some of the guests took exception to the fact the groom threw money on the dance floor for the kids in attendance to scoop up.
Sides were taken. Punches were thrown. Grandmother was put in a choke hold (really) and at one point someone who wasn't even a guest assaulted the father - who was later arrested for firearm possession. Ahh...Florida.
40 people in all were involved in the Grand March that spanned the reception hall back to the hotel parking lot.
Remember... if invited to a wedding in Florida....
Don't Throw Rice - Throw Punches

Monday, November 9, 2009

Alright... Alright... Alright !!!!

Wooderson from "Dazed and Confused"

As promised ...."Wooderson" ... from Halloween Night.

The Circle of Life.... and Death

Visitors to the National Zoo in Washington D.C. got a surprise lesson in "The Circle of Life" when a fawn escaped it's enclosure and unfortunately ended up in GULP! the Lion's Den - not the "Adult Toy Store" either... bummer. The Deer escapes... the crowd cheers... but sorry to report the wounds were ultimately fatal and the deer had to be euthanized or as we like to say around WAPL Hit By Joe.