Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Fill In You Own Caption

"J.D. And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat"

Believe it or not, John Daly isn't photo-bombing the boringly well-dressed group of men around him ... they're all past winners of the British (not Jamaican) Open (Daly included believe it or not), which begins on Thursday. Feel free to make your own snarky comments on Facebook.
I'd go with... Tiger: "Hmmm... maybe things aren't so bad after all."

Turn This Way You Will

TomTom, a company that makes global-positioning devices, recently signed a licensing deal with Lucasfilm to use three "Star Wars" character voices (Han Solo will be the fourth in August) in an effort to get drivers to their destination in the safest and nerdiest way possible. It's nice to know that a GPS device incorporating Yoda's voice will be equally as ornery to stubborn drivers who feel they don't need directions.

Brain Damage/Engaged

After Bret Michaels recovery from brain hemorrhage, it seems he is preparing to take the next step in his life and will get married to his former long-time ex, Kristi Gibson, 39. Gibson, a former model, is also the mother of Bret’s two children and has been by his side all the time he was in ICU for his terrible condition.

Here is a picture of them together, and apparently is one of the few pictures you can find with Gibson.

Michaels took the chance to speak to People magazine and this is what he said:

“As painful as this experience has been, I was given a second chance, right? I don’t want to sit around every night worrying this is going to happen again. What I want to do is make a positive bucket list and say, ‘I’m just gonna go for it.’ There’s just so much more I want to do and experience. (Getting married), for sure, is something I have never done. Kristi’s such a great person. We’ll see if that happens. But yes, that may be one of the big things on the list. My first goal is to get back (to) 100 percent. I want to continue to rock the world, and I want to continue to love my family and be a good father.”


'Beavis and Butt-head" -- the show that celebrated the slacker way of life and helped make MTV into a network that did more than just play music videos -- is coming back.

The move to resurrect the hugely popular 1990s animated anti-heroes has been rumored for several days. But yesterday, sources at MTV confirmed that a new batch of "Beavis and Butt-head" episodes are in the works.

The new series would keep Beavis and Butt-head in their perpetual high-school state, but it would be updated so that the pals -- who obsessively watch music videos on a battered TV set -- could lob their snarky comments at more current targets like Lady Gaga.

The show's minimalist animated style is also expected to remain intact.

The return of "Beavis and Butt-head" will be a backdoor means for MTV to return to showing music videos -- something the network was founded upon but abandoned in the last decade to make room for popular reality shows like "Laguna Beach," "The Hills" and "Jersey Shore."

MTV officials had no comment yesterday.

Judge is "not commenting at this time," his publicist said.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Sith Ocala Luke

OCALA — An Ocala woman reported that $16,000 worth of Star Wars memorabilia, including a Darth Vader figurine worth $5,000, was stolen sometime Thursday or Friday, a Marion County Sheriff’s Office report states.

Charlotta Katherine Silverman, 32, of Northeast Fourth Street, told deputies that she may know who took the items.

Silverman had the items stored in numerous totes in the back of a shed, which had been pried open, the report states.

The missing items include: model Star Wars ships and numerous other items, including Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker figurines.

Police Sketch of Alleged Thief (RIGHT)

Monday, July 12, 2010 / / / / / of all the infidelity web sites there are on the internet is the only one that we can figure out that uses animation and rips off School House Rocks' "Interjection" to sell infidelity.

Limpin' On a Prayer

New Jersey rocker Jon Bon Jovi didn't even need "Something For The Pain" to finish a concert in his home state, despite tearing a calf muscle toward the end of the show.

Bon Jovi injured himself toward the end of the band's 2 1/2-hour concert at the New Meadowlands Stadium in East Rutherford on Friday night, then limped back and forth across the stage for an encore, "Livin' On A Prayer."

The singer, who grew up in Sayreville, N.J., injured his leg during a cover of the Dave Clark Five hit "Glad All Over." About halfway through the song, he leaned heavily on his microphone stand to support his injured leg.

"My calf muscle just blew out! Whoa!," he said from the stage. "I got another leg. I don't need this one."

A video (above) posted on YouTube shows the 48-year-old singer limping back and forth across the stage, flexing his foot as he assures the crowd he's OK.

"Don't you worry, folks," he said. "I ain't got nowhere to go. I'm old. What can I tell you? But I'm still good-lookin'!"

After taking a final bow at the front of the stage with fellow band members, Bon Jovi hobbled off with the help of keyboard player David Bryan, who wrapped his arm around Bon Jovi's back.

A spokeswoman says the band will be able to play the rest of its summer stadium tour and does not anticipate canceling any dates.

- - - - - - Happy Birthday - - -- - - - -

Happy Birthday to a classic... Etch A Sketch turns (with both dials) 50 years old.

The Etch A Sketch was invented in the late 1950s by Arthur Granjean, who, after being turned down by several larger toy manufacturers, sold the design to the Ohio Art Company, which began selling the toy in July 1960. The Frenchman based the Etch A Sketch on an engineer's plotting machine which uses straight lines on and X/Y axis to create schematics and designs.

It's safe to say that neither Granjean nor Ohio Art could have envisioned the toy's ever-lasting appeal or the virtuosic skill with which some artists have manipulated it.

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This Video Blows Goats

You know the phrase "Go Blow a Goat" or "This Blows Goats" - here's the video.
Don't Worry it's Safe For Work.