Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Really?! REALLY!?

How lazy have we become? Answer we, as a society, have become as lazy as we are stupid.
Exhibit A: The JumpSnap.
It's a rope-less jump rope. Again a ROPELESS jump rope.
Within the JumpSnap infomercial are the words, "Jumping rope is great exercise so why aren't we all doing it? Because it's not easy."
So because something isn't EASY we have to make it EASY so EVERYONE has a fair opportunity to do it?
WRONG! Again the over PC-ing of society rears it's ugly head.
Where everyone gets a participation trophy and we don't keep score anymore because someone's feelings might get hurt from losing. Orange slices for everyone!!!
Exercise is defined as; bodily or mental exertion for the sake of training or improvement of health. If you make it easier...doesn't that defeat the point of doing it at all?
So if you called the number from your Lazy-Boy... gave the card... paid the S&H and got the JumpSnap delivered to your door... good luck to you.
I'm surprised you got that far without quitting.