Friday, February 27, 2009

Going Postal!!!

"Going Postal" I realize isn't a phrase that the Post Office appreciates.
Comparing the condition where someone completely loses it and either seeks to or actually causes harm to those around them - isn't good P.R.
But I believe it could be better used when a mail carrier does something stupid that infuriates one of their designated rounds and they go Postal and would like to do harm to said deliverer for their stupidity.
For example... let's say someone, we'll give the intials J.J., orders something online that shouldn't be bent and is put into a Priority Mail Post Office mailing envelope that has the words
"Please Do Not Bend"
printed on it .
If you were the mail carrier what you would do with the envelope?
A) NOT BEND and smartly take to the apartment office like all packages (duh!)
B) Try to stuff that envelope into a mail box the size of a Altoids tin.

The answer is unfortuniately B. And J.J. goes postal because of it.

The whole Through Rain, Sleet, Snow or Gloom mantra of the postal carrier is good and well but I'd prefer to add a codisole to it stating delivering in one piece or at least in a shape that will not cause recipiant to get bent out of theirs.
Until Next Time - Please (for the love of all that's holy) Do Not Bend