Friday, November 20, 2009

Cast Offs

For those of you mourning the end of open water fishing season, here's some funny to tide you over until the ice is solid.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

ZZZZZT!!! Now Go To Your Room

NOVEMBER 18--An Arkansas cop tased an unruly 10-year-old girl after her mother called police to report that the child was crying, screaming, and refusing to go to bed. The tased girl, Kiara Medlock, is about 65 pounds and 4' 6", according to her father. Anthony Medlock, a truck driver who does not live with the fifth grader and her mother, provided TSG with a recent photo of his daughter, which can be seen at right. According to the below Ozark Police Department report, when Officer Dustin Bradshaw arrived at the residence last Thursday, he found the girl "screaming, kicking, and resisting every time her mother tried to touch her." Bradshaw added that, "Her mother told me to tase her if I needed to." After Kiara continued to refuse her mother's instructions, the cop concluded that "there was not going to be a peaceful resolution of the issue." Bradshaw warned the girl that she was "going to jail," but the child continued kicking and crying and resisted his attempt to handcuff her. During the tussle, Kiara "struck me with her legs and feet in the groin, reported Bradshaw, who countered with a brief "stun to her back" with his Taser. The child, not surprisingly, "immediately stopped resisting and was placed into handcuffs. She would not walk on her own and I had to carry her to my police car." Kiara was then transported to a youth shelter.

That's Gratuity For You

If you’re frustrated by poor service at a restaurant, think twice before you decide to not tip. You may be in for a bit more than just a dirty look from the waiter.

"Nobody, nobody wants to be forced to pay a tip or be arrested for terrible service," Leslie Pope said when her happy hour ended in handcuffs.

Pope and John Wagner were hauled away by police and charged with theft for not paying the mandatory 18 percent gratuity totaling $16 after eating at the Lehigh Pub in Bethlehem, Pa. with six friends.

Pope claimed that they had to wait nearly an hour for their order and that she had to get napkins and silverware for the table herself.

“At this point I became very annoyed because I had already gone up to the bar myself to have my soda refilled because the waitress never came back,” Pope said.

After the $73 bill came, the group paid for food, drinks, and tax but refused to pay the tip. After explaining the bad service to the bartender in charge, Pope claimed he took their money and called police. The couple was handcuffed and placed in the back of a police car.

“I understand that, you know, we didn’t pay the gratuity, but it was a gratuity, it wasn’t something that was required,” said Wagner.

The owner admitted that the group waited unusually long for their food, but said the pub was extremely busy that night. He said managers offered to comp the food, a claim the couple denies ever happened.

“Obviously we would have liked for the patron and the establishment to have worked this out without getting the police involved,” said Deputy Police Commissioner Stuart Bedics.

Police charged them with theft since the gratuity was part of the actual bill. However, it is doubtful that the charges will hold up in front of a judge. The couple is scheduled to appear in court next month.

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Once... Twice... Three Times A Murderer.....

Story/Video from Florida Murder for Hire sting.

You Forked Up Bad!

Wanna' see a moron destroy $200+ THOUSAND DOLLARS worth of beer and alcohol... and I don't mean Mickey Rourke on a bender either. It's a factory worker that can't handle the power of the forklift he's piloting. Remarkably no one was hurt in the implosion.
Cheers to your job buddy!

Viva la Rodent Motel

Leave it to the French to hatch an idea like this. A hotel in France is giving guests the opportunity to live like hamsters for a night. Yep.... HAMSTERS. For about 150 dollars, you can dress up like hamsters, run in a hamster wheel and eat hamster food. I don't know whether or not you take a dump on a newspaper or in cedar chips but you do sleep in a habit trail so you got that going for you.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Falling Prices and Rising Shirts

If you've ever shopped at a Wal-Mart, you'll find this website amusing. It's a collection of photos of some unique Wal-Mart shoppers.


Say "No No" to LSD

In the history of Major League Baseball, there have been 263 no-hitters pitched. We can only speculate about how many of those may have been aided by performance-enhancing drugs like steroids. But Pittsburgh Pirates hurler Doc Ellis did it in 1970 with a different type of performance enhancer -- L-S-D. On a June day in San Diego, Ellis took the mound while on an acid trip and threw a no-no. His game-day account of the trip is a great story and has been turned into an entertaining animated short film.
Enjoy. J.J.

Monday, November 16, 2009

This Little Piggy Went Wee Wee Wee...

SOUTHWEST RANCHES, Fla. (AP) ― Town officials have ordered a man to get rid of his 300-pound pet pig, but the owner says he'd rather leave town than give up the animal.

Rob Falk of Southwest Ranches has a Yorkshire pig named Strawberry, and council members cited Falk's landlord for a code violation in July. Last week, officials gave Falk 30 days to remove Strawberry from the home, saying that the town allows only one Vietnamese pot bellied pig per household.

Officials are also worried that the pig will get bigger and grow large tusks.

Falk says the family will move because "the pig is like one of our children."

Giraffe Gaffe Lands Oregon Man in Human Zoo

A giraffe spent Friday morning at the Ashland Police Department, after an officer rescued it from the clutches of a drunken man who was trying to take it home.

The 4-foot stuffed giraffe, located outside the downtown children's store Bug A Boo, was a tempting target for Ashland resident Sean Patrick McDowell, 24, who is accused of having twice tried to steal the animal early Friday, police said.

"He was apparently pretty enamored with it and decided he was taking it home," said Sgt. Bob Smith with the Ashland Police Department.

McDowell was cited for theft after his second encounter with the giraffe, according to police.

At about 1 a.m., Officer Theron Hull observed McDowell pick up the giraffe and simulate making sexual advances on it, Smith said. "Then he turns and sees Officer Hull and so he puts the giraffe down and walks away," he said.

Later, at about 2:30 a.m., just after the downtown bars had closed for the night, McDowell returned to the Bug A Boo storefront and again picked up the giraffe, Smith said. McDowell was walking with the giraffe toward a parking lot at Water and B streets when Hull apprehended him. "It took a little more alcohol, but about an hour-and-a-half later, he decided to try it again," Smith said.

"Maybe he had struck out with all the women at the bar and this giraffe was looking pretty good, so he said, 'I'm going to take it back to my own place,'" he joked.

Police returned the giraffe to Bug A Boo Friday morning.