Tuesday, March 24, 2009

FN FaceBook Etiquette

Pandora's Box - Part 1.

This could be the single biggest mistake of my life - considering my past mistakes - this is gonna' be a doozy. Apparently the WAPL listeners have spoken or "friend requested"...whatever... and the wager laid down by Calgaro - that if 20 new people joined the Afternoon Road Show FaceBook page- I, John, would have to drink the Kool-Aid and join the social networking coven called FaceBook.
Seriously underestimating the lack of supervision at work computers for WAPL listeners, I now have to live up to my end of the bet and create a FaceBook Page. woo hoo....
I'm telling you now... this will lead to bad things for me in one way or another. Wether it be social or legal, I try to stay off the grid for several reasons. Big Brother aside, the fact is that I cannot be trusted with this kind of mass communication tool. I am, to my detriment too honest and on a ubiquious level the likes of FaceBook honesty is BAD... see politics.
Anyway... I am a man of my word and will be working on a -ugh- John Jordan FaceBook page but will be refering to a link I found that details FaceBook Etiquette. Click here.
Hoping to God within it I can find a loophole that I can exploit to get me banned ForEver from FaceBook.
Until Next Time - I am doing ok - in case you really care.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Highway Robbery... er ... Recovery.

Alright, I know we're in financial straits and things are tough all over. But I never realized how bad it was until I saw this video from San Diego.
Two drug dealers are being chased by the DEA and , I assume, in an attempt to evade the "po po" they toss a wad of money out the window and on to a 6-lane highway. Some motorists seeing a blizzard of cash pulled off to the side of the road to collect what they could but some just STOPPED DEAD in the middle of the 805.
I've stopped (while walking) to pick up a penny here and there but would never slam on the brakes in the middle of a busy highway just to get what might be a dollar or two.
I guess you can't spell "freeway" without FREE or "death" without DEA.
Is this a sign of the times or just human nature? A mix of both I'd wager.
Until Next Time - look both ways.