Tuesday, March 24, 2009

FN FaceBook Etiquette

Pandora's Box - Part 1.

This could be the single biggest mistake of my life - considering my past mistakes - this is gonna' be a doozy. Apparently the WAPL listeners have spoken or "friend requested"...whatever... and the wager laid down by Calgaro - that if 20 new people joined the Afternoon Road Show FaceBook page- I, John, would have to drink the Kool-Aid and join the social networking coven called FaceBook.
Seriously underestimating the lack of supervision at work computers for WAPL listeners, I now have to live up to my end of the bet and create a FaceBook Page. woo hoo....
I'm telling you now... this will lead to bad things for me in one way or another. Wether it be social or legal, I try to stay off the grid for several reasons. Big Brother aside, the fact is that I cannot be trusted with this kind of mass communication tool. I am, to my detriment too honest and on a ubiquious level the likes of FaceBook honesty is BAD... see politics.
Anyway... I am a man of my word and will be working on a -ugh- John Jordan FaceBook page but will be refering to a link I found that details FaceBook Etiquette. Click here.
Hoping to God within it I can find a loophole that I can exploit to get me banned ForEver from FaceBook.
Until Next Time - I am doing ok - in case you really care.

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