Friday, April 8, 2011

CDetails > Def Leppard

Def Leppard have confirmed the details for their first ever live album on June 6.

It’s titled "Mirrorball", and the full track listing is:


1. Rock! Rock! (Till You Drop)
2. Rocket
3. Animal
4. C’Mon C’Mon
5. Make Love Like A Man
6. Too Late For Love
7. Foolin’
8. Nine Lives
9. Love Bites
10. Rock On


1. Two Steps Behind
2. Bringin’ On The Heartbreak
3. Switch 625
4. Hysteria
5. Armageddon It
6. Photograph
7. Pour Some Sugar On Me
8. Rock Of Ages
9. Let’s Get Rocked
10. Action
11. Bad Actress
12. Undefeated (new studio track)
13. Kings Of The World (new studio track)
14. It’s All About Believin’ (new studio track)

There will also be a bonus DVD.

Find out more at

Masters Drinking Game

Drinking is a fundamental part of a man's life and I'd argue that just like the Masters, it's a "tradition unlike any other." I mean, I don't know too many other traditions that involve sleep walking into a stranger's apartment and pissing all over his possessions, do you? So it only makes sense to marry the two. Match made in heaven if you ask me. And since someone asked for a drinking game to play while they watch this year's tournament, we wanted to provide one that will assuredly get you fucked up without having to think too much. Before we get to it, a reminder that ESPN's coverage runs from 3 to 7:30 p.m. ET, while online you can watch Amen Corner (Holes 11, 12, 13) beginning at 10:45 a.m., plus Holes 15 and 16 beginning at 11:45 a.m., and two Featured Groups, beginning at Noon.

Did a fan just yell "get in the hole!" and/or "You da man!"? If yes, then DRINK

Did Jim Nantz just refer to the Masters as "A Tradition Unlike Any Other"? If so...DRINK

Did Nick Faldo just decided to start living in the past and talk about his playing days and/or Masters' victories? DRINK

Oh look, it's Snoopy One. DRINK

Is the camera man zoning in on a golf WAG or just a hot spectator with huge tits? Either way... DRINK

An Eagle was made. DRINK

Were you just reminded that Jack Nicklaus won the tournament 25 years ago? DRINK

Did you just see this picture? If so, DRINK

Did a commercial for the Buick Lacrosse just come on? DRINK mother fucker, we don't take commercial breaks. (While were on that topic, do the same anytime a Cialis or a EA Sports Tiger Woods 2012: The Masters commercial is aired as well.)

Someone gets a hole-in-one. DRINK... and by drink we mean shotgun at least two beers.

Well if it isn't a clip of Phil's amazing shot from the pine-straw... DRINK

Anytime a tee shot lands in the bunker next to the 18th fairway... DRINK... and then question why people still hit driver off that tee.

TAKE A SHOT of the hairiest shit you own every time there is a severe meltdown or disgusting shank. Take two if it happens on Amen Corner.

Every time Tiger looks confused... DRINK (hat tip to the commenter who wrote that)

Anytime Tiger stops his swing in mid-downswing because a photographer took a photo -- to the amazement of everyone who has seen him do it 1,000 times before. DRINK

Speaking of Tiger, is he out of contention, yet they still continue to show his every shot? DRINK

Did an announcer just refer to a hole as “dog-leg right" or a "dog-leg left"? DRINK... but only if your penis hangs the way that was mentioned. If you don't have a dog-leg, drink for that fact alone.

And finally, anytime someone mutters one of the famed Masters words: Magnolia Lane, Butler Cabin, Rae's Creek, Hogan's Bridge, Amen Corner, Eisenhower Tree... DRINK

Thursday, April 7, 2011

MEAT-sters - Tiger's BIG Weiner

Tiger Woods' many, many ... many affairs cost him his family, endorsement deals, and competitive golf edge -- but at least he got a GIGANTIC hot dog named after him!!! spoke with employees at "Somewhere in Augusta" -- a sports bar in Georgia right next to The Masters golf tournament -- which is featuring a monster hot dog called the "Tiger Homewrecker" ... a name we're guessing he didn't approve.

The Tiger dog features a 12" all beef Nathan's hot dog stuffed with cheese, wrapped with bacon, and deep fried. And if you're heart hasn't stopped yet ... it's also topped off with a generous helping of chili, onions, and more cheese.

We're told the $14.99 artery-clogger recently debuted, and this week -- leading up to The Masters -- sales are up almost 30 dogs per day.

So far -- Tiger has not stopped by to give it a whirl -- but don't be surprised if Joslyn James does.

Cuddle THIS!

If your wife or girlfriend demands cuddling after sex -- and you're not into the whole cuddling thing -- there might be a way out for you.

You can now buy an "After Sex Buddy" doll for her and hope that she enjoys cuddling with the doll as much as she enjoys cuddling with you.

While the $20 plush toy is mostly a joke, it is designed to be microwaveable so that it simulates the warmth and comfort of an actual guy.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Nikki Talks Tour, Book, Life, Etc.

MÖTLEY CRÜE/SIXX: A.M. bassist Nikki Sixx dropped by Rolling Stone's offices recently to talk about his new book, "This Is Gonna Hurt: Music, Photography And Life Through The Distorted Lens Of Nikki Sixx", and the CD of the same name by SIXX: A.M. Sixx talks about the band's historic catalog and discusses his initial resistance towards the upcoming MÖTLEY CRÜE/POISON summer tour and the direction he hopes to take with the long-awaited film adaptation of the band's 2001 autobiography "The Dirt". You can now watch the chat below.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


I know ... I know... this isn't a statement you'd expect from a life-long Packer fan but hear me out on this one... YOU DO NOT WANT A-ROG TO WIN THIS CONTEST!
This year, ESPN’s “SportsNation” is conducting fan voting to determine who makes the cover. The competition is down to the final eight which #12 is a part of.
For those of you who do not know, there is a little thing called "The Madden Curse".
The Madden Curse is where the athlete selected to "grace" the cover of the latest Madden video game will have a cursed year - subsequently - if he's integral to his team's success (ahem! Aaron Rodgers) the team and little old you ,the fan, will also suffer in the wake of the dreaded curse.
Aaron rodgers is in the Great Eight of Madden voting. I'm sure he thinks it would be a great honor to be proudly displayed on the cover of the biggest video game on the planet - but it hasn't worked out so well for past cover boys.

2000 - Barry Sanders on the cover NEVER on the field - Retired unexpectedly.
2001 - Eddie George. From superbowl running back to injured and career lows in rushing yards.
2002 - Daunte Culpepper. Knee injury - didn't finish season.
2003 - Marshall Faulk. Had the lowest rushing total of his career during his cover reign.
2004 - Micheal Vick. ONE DAY after his cover hit the shelves, so did he with a broken fibula.
2005 - Ray Lewis. Torn Right Hamstring.
2006 - Donovan McNabb. Sports Hernia FIRST game - season ending surgery
2007 - Shaun Alexander. Broken Left Foot.
and it goes on and on...

Let Michael Vick have the cover. Give the ball and the cover to Adrian Peterson but for the love of the Green and Gold... DO NOT VOTE FOR AARON RODGERS!
Thank You.
This message paid for by the Keep Aaron Rodgers On the Field Not On the IR Action Committee .... John Jordan, Treasurer.

Vote for Players You Don't Like HERE

Frisbee + Hockey = Frockey

Now that NCAA hoops are done - what ever will you watch? FROCKEY - the game that's sweeping the nation. Frockey is "Flying Disc Hockey," is a fun and exciting new alternative sport that combines the skills of Ice Skating with those needed to simultaneously throw and catch a flying disc.

The unique rules of Frockey are designed to promote peak athletic expression and good sportsmanship in a minimal contact environment. Frockey also incorporates music to enhance the overall experience of the sport, playing popular up-tempo songs throughout the game. The "Ultimate" goal of Frockey LLC owner and game inventor Bob Vidal is to spread this positive feel-good sport around the country and around the world. As the first professional co-ed sport, Frockey will usher in a new age of artistic athletic expression for the young and young at heart.