Thursday, April 7, 2011

MEAT-sters - Tiger's BIG Weiner

Tiger Woods' many, many ... many affairs cost him his family, endorsement deals, and competitive golf edge -- but at least he got a GIGANTIC hot dog named after him!!! spoke with employees at "Somewhere in Augusta" -- a sports bar in Georgia right next to The Masters golf tournament -- which is featuring a monster hot dog called the "Tiger Homewrecker" ... a name we're guessing he didn't approve.

The Tiger dog features a 12" all beef Nathan's hot dog stuffed with cheese, wrapped with bacon, and deep fried. And if you're heart hasn't stopped yet ... it's also topped off with a generous helping of chili, onions, and more cheese.

We're told the $14.99 artery-clogger recently debuted, and this week -- leading up to The Masters -- sales are up almost 30 dogs per day.

So far -- Tiger has not stopped by to give it a whirl -- but don't be surprised if Joslyn James does.

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