Friday, April 8, 2011

Masters Drinking Game

Drinking is a fundamental part of a man's life and I'd argue that just like the Masters, it's a "tradition unlike any other." I mean, I don't know too many other traditions that involve sleep walking into a stranger's apartment and pissing all over his possessions, do you? So it only makes sense to marry the two. Match made in heaven if you ask me. And since someone asked for a drinking game to play while they watch this year's tournament, we wanted to provide one that will assuredly get you fucked up without having to think too much. Before we get to it, a reminder that ESPN's coverage runs from 3 to 7:30 p.m. ET, while online you can watch Amen Corner (Holes 11, 12, 13) beginning at 10:45 a.m., plus Holes 15 and 16 beginning at 11:45 a.m., and two Featured Groups, beginning at Noon.

Did a fan just yell "get in the hole!" and/or "You da man!"? If yes, then DRINK

Did Jim Nantz just refer to the Masters as "A Tradition Unlike Any Other"? If so...DRINK

Did Nick Faldo just decided to start living in the past and talk about his playing days and/or Masters' victories? DRINK

Oh look, it's Snoopy One. DRINK

Is the camera man zoning in on a golf WAG or just a hot spectator with huge tits? Either way... DRINK

An Eagle was made. DRINK

Were you just reminded that Jack Nicklaus won the tournament 25 years ago? DRINK

Did you just see this picture? If so, DRINK

Did a commercial for the Buick Lacrosse just come on? DRINK mother fucker, we don't take commercial breaks. (While were on that topic, do the same anytime a Cialis or a EA Sports Tiger Woods 2012: The Masters commercial is aired as well.)

Someone gets a hole-in-one. DRINK... and by drink we mean shotgun at least two beers.

Well if it isn't a clip of Phil's amazing shot from the pine-straw... DRINK

Anytime a tee shot lands in the bunker next to the 18th fairway... DRINK... and then question why people still hit driver off that tee.

TAKE A SHOT of the hairiest shit you own every time there is a severe meltdown or disgusting shank. Take two if it happens on Amen Corner.

Every time Tiger looks confused... DRINK (hat tip to the commenter who wrote that)

Anytime Tiger stops his swing in mid-downswing because a photographer took a photo -- to the amazement of everyone who has seen him do it 1,000 times before. DRINK

Speaking of Tiger, is he out of contention, yet they still continue to show his every shot? DRINK

Did an announcer just refer to a hole as “dog-leg right" or a "dog-leg left"? DRINK... but only if your penis hangs the way that was mentioned. If you don't have a dog-leg, drink for that fact alone.

And finally, anytime someone mutters one of the famed Masters words: Magnolia Lane, Butler Cabin, Rae's Creek, Hogan's Bridge, Amen Corner, Eisenhower Tree... DRINK

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