Friday, April 2, 2010

Wascually Wabbit Wruffed Up

State police in Dutchess County, New York are looking for the young thug who attacked a woman dressed as the Easter Bunny.
Senior Investigator George Mohl says the 46-year-old woman was slammed to the ground and punched outside the Alps Sweet Shoppe in the Village of Fishkill late Wednesday afternoon.
The victim had been promoting Easter business at the chocolate shop in a white bunny costume.
Mohl says she sustained minor injuries in the attack.
A bald man in a hunting cap with a noticeable speech impediment is said to be a suspect in the incident.

JOE & JOHN VS. Edible Easter Grass

It's come to this... we're taking on Edible Easter Grass with our radio version of Man VS. Food. Only it's more like Geeks VS. Grass.
How do you know that Edible Easter Grass is safe for consumption? Keep your kids safe and let Joe & John eat it... they'll eat anything - even Pop Rocks and Coke- just like Mikey. So before you put it in your Easter Basket, we'll put it in our pie holes - tune in for the results.


Well the ink is almost dry on finalizing the 96 Team NCAA Field for play in the 2011 Season!
Oh Goody! I'm being sarcastic I hope you know.
Leave it to the NCAA to F-UP something good and NOT address something that NEEDS re-tooling - I'm talking to you BSC Championship.
Forget diluting the product with teams that aren't good enough to go .500 in their own weak conference - let them play. Why not?! Give them a participation ribbon and a juice box for just "trying" Yea team.
Well if Butler, West Virginia and, an almost, Baylor in the Final Four this year didn't send chills up your bracket... just wait until the full NIT field gets folded into the BIG DANCE next year. I'm ordering my Rhode Island Institute of Technology t-shirt already in anticipation. You have to remember in this era of Political Correctness - everyone wins and a tie is just as good as winning. WRONG! WRONG!! WRONG!!! There have to be winners and losers or else we upset the entire balance of the universe. We're teaching kids (and adults) that being "good enough" and "barely squeaking" by is just fine.
The NCAA wants everyone to "experience" March Madness. Everyone can already... there's an invention called a TV - turn it on.
The end all be all of everything is always MONEY/GREED and when you dangle a pile of money in front of people they'll do anything to get their share - including kill what WAS a great (if not the BEST)sporting event ever. Congrats on your last One Shining Moment.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


Great Cause Going on TONIGHT in Appleton for Autism.



WHAT: The entrance and flag up lighting at the Outagamie County Airport will be illuminated in Blue this Thursday to raise public awareness of Autism. The community is invited to attend this event and show their “Blue” colors. Blue snacks and drinks will be provided and prizes will be raffled for donations.

WHEN: TONIGHT / Thursday, April 1, 2010 from 8:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.

WHERE: Outagamie County Regional Airport (ATW).

ABOUT LIGHT IT UP BLUE: On the night of April 1, prominent buildings across North America and the world including the Empire State Building in New York City and the CN Tower in Toronto, Canada will be lit up blue to raise awareness for autism and to commemorate World Autism Awareness Day on Friday, April 2.

And we’re aiming to light the world blue, too – city by city, town by town – by taking action to raise awareness about autism in our communities.

For more information please visit

TI-ger Ribbed For Your Pleasure

A Tiger Woods effigy in Cambodia made en-Tiger-ly of condoms.
If only he had been that safe in real life.

Mama Don't Preach!

Hypocrite....? Table for one.
Yes Madonna I'm talking to you! For decades the "material girl" has told countless girls to basically "slut it up" and dress like her. By the way thank you for the short skirt/fishnet look from the mid 80's - I personally have many fond high school memories associated with that trend.
But now the material soccer mom (51) is telling HER daughter,Lourdes, to dress more conservatively.
Is that jelly shoe not fitting so well when it's on the other foot Madonna? Speaking of her daughter, Madonna said, "If anything, I wish she'd dress more conservatively".
How's that irony taste Madge?
I wish you nothing but a construction cone-shaped bra in your daughter's future.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Old School Hotties

With Hot Tub Time Machine taking viewers back to the '80s, it's brought up a lot of old memories -- especially ones about our favorite '80s movies. So with that in mind, compiled a list of the 10 hottest women in '80s movies ...

  1. Leslie Easterbrook: "Sgt. Debbie Callahan" in Police Academy
  2. Lisa Eilbacher: "Jenny Summers" in Beverly Hills Cop
  3. Kimberly Foster: "Cookie Campbell" in One Crazy Summer
  4. Julia Montgomery: "Betty Childs" in Revenge of the Nerds
  5. Diane Franklin: "Monique Junot" in Better Off Dead
  6. Catherine Mary Stewart: "Regina" in Night of the Comet
  7. Kelly LeBrock: "Lisa" in Weird Science
  8. Deborah Foreman: "Julie Richman" in Valley Girl
  9. Janet Jones (Gretzky): "Carla Samson" in The Flamingo Kid
  10. Meredith Salenger: "Lainie Diamond" in Dream a Little Dream

Do You Know Who You're Fudging With?!?!?

Kids and Scarface -- seems like something made in viral video heaven. Actually it was made in L-A. The video purports to be an elementary school production of the ultra-violent Scarface, but it was actually the brainchild of music video director Marc Klasfeld. Nonetheless, it's hilarious -- especially the kid-friendly F-bombs. "You wanna fudge with me? You fudging with the best!"

Tuesday, March 30, 2010


You've probably heard the stories of kids getting enamored by the Claw Machine and getting stuck in it.... Many questions follow; how does this happen... where are the parents.... and if you're like me you've always wondered.... WHY ISN'T THERE VIDEO OF THIS HAPPENING?!
There is now !!!!
All questions answered below.

Green Jacket and the Pink Pony

Joslyn James and Tiger Woods latest update comes from The Masters!

Joslyn James and Tiger Woods will battle for The Masters press as Tiger takes to the green and James dances for green just miles away at … the Pink Pony

The Pink Pony” is where Joslyn James will take to the stage to “dance” while Tiger takes to green. The Pink Pony is two hours out of Augusta and will host James dancing for money, and attention, while Tiger plays The Masters. The “jiggle joint” (as the New York Post refers to it as) even includes driving directions on its website how to get from Tiger at The Masters to James at the poll.

Where My Peeps At????

A Colorado jury is scheduled to hear arguments in a dispute between a landlord and a former tenant who says she was evicted over edible Easter decorations displayed on her door for two weeks after the holiday. Carol Burdick says her landlord unjustly told her to remove a display of Easter stickers, Peeps marshmallow candies and plastic grass from her door shortly after Easter in April 2009.

After Burdick refused, the landlord removed the decorations and said Burdick was in violation of her lease, which says balconies, patios and other areas must be kept "in a clean sanitary condition." Burdick then stopped paying rent. She was evicted in May.

Burdick claims she was wrongly evicted. Building management AIMCO corporation is suing her for more than $2,000 in back rent.

Monday, March 29, 2010

Is That a Moisture Sensor In Your Pants????

...or are you just glad to blog me???? There's down under and there's down underwear.


Here's an invention you never thought you needed. The "World's First Electronic Underpants" will automatically send a text the moment you wet your pants. It's not a prank.

The manufacturer plans to market the underwear -- with a specially designed electronic sensor -- to nursing homes. There's a benefit if caretakers have an "early warning system" when one of their elderly patients has a weak bladder. In addition, it's believed that the automatic text system could be sold to the mothers of bed-wetters.