Friday, April 2, 2010


Well the ink is almost dry on finalizing the 96 Team NCAA Field for play in the 2011 Season!
Oh Goody! I'm being sarcastic I hope you know.
Leave it to the NCAA to F-UP something good and NOT address something that NEEDS re-tooling - I'm talking to you BSC Championship.
Forget diluting the product with teams that aren't good enough to go .500 in their own weak conference - let them play. Why not?! Give them a participation ribbon and a juice box for just "trying" Yea team.
Well if Butler, West Virginia and, an almost, Baylor in the Final Four this year didn't send chills up your bracket... just wait until the full NIT field gets folded into the BIG DANCE next year. I'm ordering my Rhode Island Institute of Technology t-shirt already in anticipation. You have to remember in this era of Political Correctness - everyone wins and a tie is just as good as winning. WRONG! WRONG!! WRONG!!! There have to be winners and losers or else we upset the entire balance of the universe. We're teaching kids (and adults) that being "good enough" and "barely squeaking" by is just fine.
The NCAA wants everyone to "experience" March Madness. Everyone can already... there's an invention called a TV - turn it on.
The end all be all of everything is always MONEY/GREED and when you dangle a pile of money in front of people they'll do anything to get their share - including kill what WAS a great (if not the BEST)sporting event ever. Congrats on your last One Shining Moment.

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