Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Old School Hotties

With Hot Tub Time Machine taking viewers back to the '80s, it's brought up a lot of old memories -- especially ones about our favorite '80s movies. So with that in mind, compiled a list of the 10 hottest women in '80s movies ...

  1. Leslie Easterbrook: "Sgt. Debbie Callahan" in Police Academy
  2. Lisa Eilbacher: "Jenny Summers" in Beverly Hills Cop
  3. Kimberly Foster: "Cookie Campbell" in One Crazy Summer
  4. Julia Montgomery: "Betty Childs" in Revenge of the Nerds
  5. Diane Franklin: "Monique Junot" in Better Off Dead
  6. Catherine Mary Stewart: "Regina" in Night of the Comet
  7. Kelly LeBrock: "Lisa" in Weird Science
  8. Deborah Foreman: "Julie Richman" in Valley Girl
  9. Janet Jones (Gretzky): "Carla Samson" in The Flamingo Kid
  10. Meredith Salenger: "Lainie Diamond" in Dream a Little Dream

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