Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Ooo Ahhh Ohhhh Christmas Tree!!!

They're festive and X-rated, and now they're back on store shelves in time for the holiday season. The box they're sold in calls them "holiday ornaments." But some people are not happy some stores are once again peddling what they call "pornaments." One ornament has two reindeer and another has a couple of snowmen, and all are in compromising sexual positions. Think Rudolph goes to the misfit land of Kama Sutra.
The ornaments cost $10 at Spencer's Gifts and various other stores.
There is a warning on the back of the box that says "they're not intended for children". On the front of the box, it says "for adults only."
Honestly GET OVER YOURSELVES. Have you seen anything else in Spencer's that may be "suggestive" or "sexual" in nature? Look toward the beads and black lights in the back of the store in the ADULT section - where you can find these ornaments BTW.
If you have a problem with SNOWMEN and REINDEER humping (or maybe an engorged Elf or two) how about the commercialization of Christmas in general. That could be construed as rape in many people's eyes.
It's a simple fix.... with radio and television programs that offend people... turn the dial. With stores that sell offensive material... don't shop there.
Sheesh! Just another reason I hate Christmas. Bah Humbug!!!!!
SEE Over Reactive News Report Below.

Video: Sexually Graphic Ornaments Sold

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