Thursday, August 26, 2010

Smile! You're on Stupid Criminal Camera!

From The Huffington Post.
If there's two things we can't get enough of here on the Afternoon Road show it's stupid criminals and photobombs. Somehow, the cosmos aligned and this morning we were given this glorious combination of the two. And it even has a happy ending! This adorable family attending a wedding in Madison, WI stopped to take a picture and got PHOTOBOMBED by a guy robbing their bags. The amazing part? The photobomb was all the evidence they needed to catch him.

After seeing the image on the camera moments later (good thing for digital!) they alerted the police and caught the guy later that day with all their cash, credit cards, cameras, and an iPad, or so they told Gizmodo. We're glad they caught the guy, but we're pretty sure if the cops hadn't found him that tough-looking little girl would have. (Via Yahoo News)

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