Thursday, April 2, 2009 FIVE ... maybe ...SIX!!!!!

Is all I can say. As a golfer EVERY hole (much less shot) to me is a challenge but there's a 19th hole at the Legend's Golf and Safari Resort in Africa that's nothing short of amazing! I'm not talking a liquid 19th hole (e.g. bar) The course's so-called "Xtreme 19th" hole is a par 3 -- a par 3 whose tee is atop a cliff more than 1,400 feet above a green carved like the continent of Africa. You've got to take a helicopter to get to the tee box, and from there it's more than 630 yards to the pin. Once you tee off, it takes nearly 30 seconds for the ball to hit the ground.
Should you manage to drill a hole-in-one on the 19th, congratulations -- you've just won yourself a million bucks, and the right to call yourself the most Xtreme golfer on Earth! And unlike certain signature holes you can play just the Xtreme 19th, if you like. You can, of course, add it to your existing round, a la carte. And for tournaments held at the Legends, it will serve as the playoff hole. Playing all 19 holes runs about 2,000 South African rand, or about $220 in American bills, but for that you get the helicopter ride, plus a bunch of souvenir swag and a DVD of your shot.

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