Thursday, June 25, 2009

BK or BJ??

Really?! Really?!

Ok. I realize that "sex sells" and is a tactic used in almost every marketable arena - but WOW! Burger King is going that extra mile - with their new BK Super Seven Incher. (see pic)
Special orders may not upset BK but I'm just guessing that this campaign may draw criticism from some and adoration from others - me being the latter. I think we're sooooo tight-assed in this country - the fact that a company would be this blatiant in their "subliminal"advertising is refreshing. AND it just makes me laugh.
If I can offer a suggestion for the next volley of ads...
"Don't Hold The Mayo" with a carefully placed dollip on the model - let your mind wander on that one.
Now if they can just keep their creepy King Macsot out of the ads, I'm all aboard baby!

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