Friday, June 5, 2009

The NEW Dan & Dave

Funny how short people's memories are? The recent Kobe & LeBron puppet campaign from Nike is a clear example of putting the cart before the horse... or NBA Superstar in the finals before the playoffs are done. Kobe is there. LeBron is not. But leading up to the finals it was all but written in stone it would be Kobe V LeBron for the title... too bad no one told the Orlando Magic and their coach - who, incidentally, looks like porn star Ron "The Hedgehog" Jeremy.

But this isn't the first time this "wishful corporate thinking" has happened -and FAILED-on such a grand, public scale. The last time was a campaign in 1992 by another shoe company, Reebok, starring Dan O'Brien and Dave Johnson two American decathaletes battling it out in Barcelona for the title of "World's Greatest Athlete". All the hype and money was put into... what exactly? One of them (Dan) not even qualifying for the Olympics. OOPS!

Good to see history repeating itself once again.

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