Thursday, July 30, 2009

Take Off 'Eh

- The Food and Drug Administration is testing a Diet Pepsi can that a central Florida man claims had the remains of a possible rodent inside. Fred Denegri of Ormond Beach took a few sips from the can on July 23, only later to discover what was inside. He said the rodent was big enough that it wouldn't come out of the can. Pepsi officials said Wednesday they traced the can back to the manufacturing plant in Orlando and didn't find anything wrong with the company's quality controls and soda sampling. Spokesman Jeff Dahncke says it's unlikely that something like this could happen during production. Denegri called poison control after the discovery, but he didn't become sick. The 55-year-old says he's a Pepsi fan and will keep drinking it.

Sounds very STRANGE (BREW) TO Me

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