Monday, December 28, 2009

You Sir Are No Jack Kennedy!

Ahhh.... to be the first. Whether it be the first man on the moon or to be the apple of your affection's eye... man and tabloid journalism always seem to rush to the point - most of the time without looking anywhere but dead straight in front of them - like a horse with blinders on.
TMZ obtained a "never-before published" photograph which appears to show John F. Kennedy on a boat filled with naked women -- it's a photo that could have altered world events.
TMZ had multiple experts examine the photo -- all say there is NO evidence the picture was Photoshopped. The original print -- which is creased -- was scanned and examined for evidence of inconsistent lighting, photo composition and other forms of manipulation. The experts all concluded the photo appears authentic.
The photo was eventually given to a man who owned a car dealership on the East coast. The man kept it in a drawer for years, and would brag to friends he had an image of JFK on a boat with naked women. The man died 10 years ago and one of his sons inherited the photo.
Had the photo surfaced when John F. Kennedy ran for President in 1960, it could have torpedoed his run, and changed world history.
Here's the expert on the authenticity of the photo.

UPDATE: 2:34 PM ET TMZ now confirms the photo was part of a Playboy spread in 1967. The image published in Playboy was published in color. Due to the tragic events in Dallas Nov. 22 of 1963 - you sir are no Jack Kennedy

UPDATE: 1:11 PM ET A rep from Playboy tells TMZ the photo ran as part of story titled, "Playboy's Charter Yacht Party: How to Have a Ball on the Briny with an Able-Bodies Complement of Ship's Belles." She says the photo was taken on one of the islands that make up the Grenadines (Petit Rameau).

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