Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Makin' Stops and Chashin' Checks

Please stay seated until the money bus comes to a complete stop. *whew*
It's been discovered that the highest paid city employee in Madison, Wisconsin, is not the mayor ... or the chief of police ... but a local bus driver.
John E. Nelson netted $159,258 last year, including $109,892 in overtime pay. He earned just a little more than his co-worker, who banked $125,598.
They're among a group of seven bus drivers who made more than $100,000 last year -- because of a union contract that lets the most senior drivers with the highest base salaries get first shot at overtime.
Metro general manager Chuck Kamp called Nelson and his highly paid co-workers "senior drivers with excellent safety and customer service records."
(FULL STORY in the Wisconsin State Journal)

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