Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Down With the Clown??

If a corporate watchdog gets its way, one of the world's most recognizable clowns will be forced to hang up his shoes.

Corporate Accountability Intl. says Ronald McDonald is fueling childhood obesity, and the Boston-based nonprofit is planning a retirement party today at a McDonald's in downtown Chicago, according to the Chicago Tribune.

The group, made up of health care professionals and parents, has taken on Joe Camel in the past. Whether it can end Ronald's 50-year run as corporate spokesman remains to be seen. McDonald's Corp. calls him its "chief happiness officer" and points to the character's role in promoting Ronald McDonald House Charities, among other philanthropic causes.

If anyone in McDonald's "character stable" is the model for obesity it's "Grimace".

Here's an idea... have Ronald put Grimace on a McDiet - consisting of the low fat/healthy McDonald's menu and lose weight. He will come out on the positive end looking like a cross between Al Roker, Jared from Subway and Barney - but better than where he started. And you won't have to get rid of an icon in the process.

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