Friday, April 23, 2010

KFC... WTF!!!!

In this corner the new KFC Double Down - 2 wedges of chicken breast sandwiching between them 2 slabs of bacon, 2 hunks of cheese and the Colonel's "special sauce". In the other corner, wearing the heart monitor, YOU. I'm predicting a TKO in the first. Sorry, You. Winner and still standing the 960 calorie champion - KFC Double Down.
WOW! What's next I ask you?
Why should the Colonel have all the fun? Let's get some other fast food entities involved and create an amalgam sandwich - freakishly-fattening Frankenstein-like artery-clogger likes of which the world have never seen before.
Double everything on the original sandwich then load on a couple Krispy Kreme donuts, Stone Cold Creamery ice cream, Taco John's hot cheese sauce, whipped cream, mayo, a stick of butter,IHOP maple syrup, etc.
Don't wimp out now fast food... screw the apple slices and show us where the beef's really at.

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