Friday, May 21, 2010

Is That Near Kissimmee Ass, Florida?

Even the Florida DMV can be part of the Afternoon Road Show Florida Freak File

Ashlee Lineberger of Englewood recently mailed in her $48 renewal fee for a new license and when she got her new state-issued ID back in the mail, she noticed that she was no longer from Englewood.

The license said she lived in “Eat Ass,” Florida.

“I only looked at it because I wondered what picture they would use,” 31-year-old Lineberger said. “I thought I was a dreaming and I literally pinched myself. I was completely shocked.”

Lineberger’s husband, Charles, said after getting the run around on the phone with the state DMV, the couple went to the local DMV to get some answers. What they got was laughter and a quote for another fee if they wanted the license fixed.

“They thought it was hilarious like it was some kind of joke,” he said. “Then they wanted us to pay for another license.”

On the plus side, Lineberger’s not planning on using this as a chance to cash in such a traumatic incident. She told NBC in Miami that she’s planning on keeping the license for giggles even after she gets a replacement.

I’d prefer to just think that this was an error on the DMV’s printer. Perhaps they were trying to print “Eat Ass” on the back under her request for organ donations. While that may not be the most effective usage for her organs, who are we to dispute her last wish?

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