Monday, June 14, 2010

Vuvuzela = Annoying Horn.

Alright... I tried to watch the World Cup (U.S. vs England) this weekend and my honest opinion....Meh! Maybe my North American football-adled brain can't wrap around this "futball" game (aka soccer) but it wasn't even engaging to me. Apparently a tie (nobody winning) is something to feel good about? Who'd have thought? Curling, I discovered in the Winter Olympics this year, was more entertaining than the World Cup. And what's the deal with the "locust sound"? Honestly I initially thought,"Wow! The bugs are really, REALLY bad in South Africa." Really. But I then found out the sound was emanating from a traditional South African horn called a "vuvuzela". Apparently I was not the only one noticing the non-stop"buzzing" - people have been complaining about the sound world-wide - turning down their sets to watch even. Advertisers aren't happy about this and FIFA (soccer's governing body) isn't too thrilled with the "buzz" either. It may even be worse than the Viking's Horn they blast in the Metrodome - NO... just kidding NOTHING is more annoying than that. But I can see these horns making their way into NFL stadiums - mark my words.

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