Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Break a Leg Vince... No Really.....

ABC announced the cast of its new series "Skating with The Stars" It (predictably) will feature six celebrities learning how to figure skate with professionals. Think "Dancing With The Stars" only slightly more dangerous. One of those celebs is none other than Motley Crue front man / tequilia salesman / and all-around bad driver VINCE NEIL..... yeah.
Really?! REALLY Vince?! Who's this guy's publicist? Who comes to him and in all honestly says, "This skating thing is gonna' be great for your career Vince!"
Nothing builds rock-cred or erases all your bad personal and professional decisions like reality-based, celebrity competition. Why not.... Let's just put Mel Gibson on "Iron Chef" or Charlie Sheen on "The Real housewives of (insert city)" or Lindsay Lohan on "Jersey Shore"... ok that makes sense ... but there is a time and place to go away for awhile and this would be it Vince.

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