Tuesday, February 1, 2011

15,000 Are Born Every Minute...


...that's just a take on the famous line from P.T. Barnum but as if the ticket prices at Cowboys stadium weren't bad enough for this year's Super Bowl ($200 to stand outside, $1,200 for club seats inside), the NFL and Cowboys owner have another surprise up their sleeve. Step right Up Folks....

Bleachers are being built to accommodate an extra 15,000 fans but, unfortunately for anyone stuck in those seats, the famous, ginormous video screen will be completely obstructed.

And, anyone who's attended an NFL game in the past decade knows what a big deal seeing the Jumbotron screen is. Replays are everything.

But, if there are suckers willing to pay thousands of dollars to sit in a tunnel and not get the full affect of the game, they should be allowed to do it.

15,000 fools and their money....

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