Tuesday, February 15, 2011

WTF Is Steven Tyler Tweeting About???

Steven Tyler has always had a unique way with words, and he's been in rare form on Twitter, where you're limited to 140 characters. Here's a sample of some of his Tweets from the past few days while on vacation in Maui:

  • "Another day in paradise. Ah, to meditate in the morn, it's an inside job, wherever you go, there you are -- then took boat to Molakini and dove"
  • "I'm gonna hire my own papa shmotzy to get the good stuff, and if I don't know what the F it is, that is no one knows. It's the devil you know"
  • "So I dove over the side, the height of whale season, and along comes a mom and her baby viz 100 feet. Up comes baby for air 10 feet away"
  • "70 feet mom followed. They were this close and singing to me (God shot) and me singing, too. Paul, shut the front door and pinch me to wake up -- no, don't."
  • "Sometimes methinks, "Am I dreamin'? Or am I being dreamt?' Methinks both. What fantastic cosmic goop is in all of this interplay. Yum and soy drink."
  • "Sometimes I can't wait the tick for the tock. Love you, Bill. Come on, Joe, let's rock. We don't need hits, but you know that we got 'em, so get your ass here and let's dive to the bottom"
  • "So twinkle on my little star, I know exactly where you are. And listen not to rumors bled that woe is me, my Paul is dead. With Idol minds let's all take stock, I beg of thee, let's f-ing rock."
  • "Who's in lyric mode? Chingochcook. Good morning to youze on the East Coast. I'm goin' to bed. Sometimes you have to travel far to find what is near."

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