Friday, January 23, 2009


Alright you THOUGHT it but I have to be the one who SAYS it (or blogs it in this case).
As I'm watching all the presidential inauguration festivities (all $100K of them...recession?) Were my thoughts on whether the country was going to be better off and are we now seeing day one of the new New Deal?
I was wondering if President Obama and 1st Lady Michelle were going to do it, make sweet post election love in the White House that night.
Don't you judge me ... you were thinking it too!
And apparently I wasn't the only one thinking how "lovey" the 1st Couple looked. Exhibit A.

"Fisting"? Really? Fist-Bumping - which is the technical street term according to the Urban Dictionary... granted, doesn't sound much better either. Touching was fine in this case. I would think an expert on body language/love/sex would've known the popular connotation of the term "fisting". But, with all things, consider the source *cough* Fox News. Whom, if any entity knows plenty about fisting... it's them. And also knows plenty about "footing" which means inserting one's foot into one's own mouth thus occupying the space in one's head where one's brain used to be if it weren't sqarely lodged up one's fair and balanced ass.
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