Tuesday, April 28, 2009

747 + 4/27 = 9/11

Too Soon?
Yeah. In a disturbingly insensitive move from the White House, a photo opportunity for President Obama's AF1 was shot over a major U.S. city. You may think that a low-flying plane over a major U.S. city would cause the citizens a bit of anxiety... especially when that city is NEW YORK!
WTF were they thinking!? Having a large aircraft buzz New York - with a fighter jet in tow nonetheless just to add to the panic.
Which it certainly did cause.
View Below.

The President was furious when he learned about the incident and the White House did apologize for the classified government-sanctioned photo shoot FUBAR.
How about this... next time you have a CLASSIFIED photo shoot ... try not to make it so PUBLIC. Sheesh!!

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