Friday, May 1, 2009

Farve-Ever and Ever and Ever ....

Is it better to burn out or to Favre away?!
Brett Favre was going to stay in retirement... stay in Mississippi... work on his golf game... mow his lawn... play pickup football with some dudes in Wranglers... slop the hogs... go huntin'... enjoy time away from the game... HA!
That's crazy... CRAZY LIKE A FAVRE!!!!!
Now let the rumor mill crank up.
With the Farvarian qualifier "At this time, I am retired and have no intention on returning to football."... let the games begin.
Does "no intention" equal WON'T or does it mean I have no intention but a burning DESIRE to return to the NFL and stick it to Packers' GM Ted Thompson?
Now apparently Favre has hired a personal trainer. Hmmmm.
On the heels of the New York Jets granting him a release after his (seemingly) annual retirement *sniff *sniff *sob *sob I'm not sure how strenuous "lawn mowing" is but a PT is a BIG indicator that he wants, intends and- Lombardi help us all - will soon be back in the NFL. But not in Green and Gold or any green whatsoever. (see pic)
Does the NFL need Brett Favre or visa versa? Whatever the answer to this ongoing metaphysical question, one thing's for sure, it's deja vu all over and over and over again.
At least for next next 4 months.

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