Monday, April 20, 2009

Get Off My Lawn!

Veterans are concerned about a "heavy metal festival" being held May 17th at the Resch Center in Green Bay - The Music As a Weapon Tour. Their concern is that the "headbangers" in attendance could be disrespectful to their surroundings - in particular to the Veteran's Memorial Monument on the Brown County Arena property. See Article.
The Veterans were/are still upset about a mini golf course being set up last summer (in their opinion) too close to the memorial. OK. But what does that have to do with this concert?
Why, after all the football and hockey games, monster truck/motocross rallies, "heavy metal" as well as other concerts and events held in the vicinity of their monument- is this particular concert being singled out now as a problem?
There's been literally 100's of thousands of people pass the way of the memorial since "mini golf gate" and now it's a problem?
Are the "headbangers" more likely to trash a sacred memorial than sports fans? No.
Are "headbangers" more likely to desecrate public property than country music fans or the New Kids on the Block crowd?
I respect and am grateful for everything veterans have done in defense of this country and it's constitution. But their's is an opinion purely based on ignorance.
Many of these heavy metal bands have worked with the USO, have played for our troops and have done shows supporting veteran's organizations. The "offended" veterans obviously have no idea of who these headbangers are.
I'll bet there are many "headbangers" among those who bought tribute bricks -ranging from $100-$500- for the memorial that they are supposedly pre-determined to vandalize because of the music they choose to listen to.
Again I thank the veterans for all they have sacrificed for the rights I have as an American. Including the right of free speech and the right to assemble (put those two together and you have a concert) but please don't turn the Bill of Rights into an Opinion of Wrongs.

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