Thursday, September 3, 2009

# 1 0 0 !!!! .... Hmmm....those zeros remind me of.....

In celebration of my 100th blog (insert applause) Thank You! I give to you a website that .... well... it... I should probably explain that it.... ALRIGHT! It's just an excuse for me to talk about boobs! Are you happy now that I said it ?! *sheesh* Water board me already "I like Boobs!" I'll shout it from the mountains (pun intended) if you want!
What did you want from me ? A socially-conscious column on health care reform-that contains boobs too! HA! Have you been reading this blog?!
Buy the ticket take the ride. Anyhoo....
As part of their marketing campaign, Shock Absorber Sports Bras has developed a boob bounce simulator (stimulator?) - which, unfortunately, uses animation instead of real women to give you a live action comparison of running braless, with a normal sports bra and with their industrial strength sports bra. Can you say "Bounce-o-Meter" ? Good. Now
Click here ... and enjoy! J.J.

insert anything else that will cover my ass

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