Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Packers in the BIG Bowl

OK it's the Chunky Soup Click For Cans Bowl.
The Green Bay Packers are multiple years-in-a-row defending champions (7) and are at this point behind the Jacksonville Jaguars... so grab your spoons Packer fans and Click for the Championship HERE. BTW - Cans are donated to stock the shelves of local food banks. Individuals can vote once a day.
A win last week over the New Orleans Saints secured 13,000 cans of soup for Wisconsin hunger relief efforts. A total of 1,000 cans automatically go to each team, and a Packers' conference championship win earned another 12,000 cans.
This week, the Green and Gold then will challenge for its eighth consecutive league title and the additional 5,000 cans of soup.
In winning each of the past seven contests, Packers' fans have earned approximately 98,000 cans of soup for Wisconsin hunger relief efforts through the virtual food drive.

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