Thursday, February 25, 2010

Best Man... My ASS!

(LONDON, ENGLAND) The secret behind the Twitter wedding prank that went viral may finally be revealed tomorrow. Back in December, while a bride & groom were off on their honeymoon, the best man wired their bed. He claims he secretly attached a pressure-sensitive pad under the mattress. Anytime the springs get heavy action, a Tweet is automatically sent to thousands. Tomorrow is the groom's birthday and the best man has promised he'd reveal the naughty prank to the couple. About 22,000 people are following the bedroom activities of these newlyweds. What have they learned? For one, the couple has gained 11 pounds since their wedding night. And they're not exactly setting the sheets on fire. Over the past 3 months, they've triggered the "Twitter" bed only 27 times. Or once every 3 nights. It's possible, being newlyweds, that they're having sex every night. Just in different places in their home.
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