Monday, February 22, 2010


Ah...the Bubble-Wrapping of America continues... now the All-American Hot Dog is getting called on the carpet for being a choking hazard. The American Academy of Pediatrics wants warning labels to be placed on hot dog packaging and are even calling for a RE-Design of the ol' meat tube. Memo to the AAP... Oscar Meyer already has a choking warning on it's packaging... but apparently it's not good enough.

Doctors say high-risk foods, including hot dogs, raw carrots, grapes and apples - should be cut into pea-sized pieces for small children to reduce chances of choking. Some say other risky foods, including hard candies, popcorn, peanuts and marshmallows, shouldn't be given to young children at all.

Good Lord how have we a a people managed to keep our children safe all these years from the dangers of grapes?! I attribute it to a constant state of vigilance in the produce aisle and at the dinner table that determines the survival of our species.
Maybe we can take a cue from our avian friends and instead of feeding our children solid food we can chew it up and regurgitate it into their mouth until the age of 18.

Question(s)? What food isn't a choking hazard aside jello... Will we have to RE-Design buns Too ... ... can I get the same number of hot dogs and buns for Pete sake.... Are refrigerators akin to a gun cabinet and you have to have put package locks on the Ballpark Franks.... Will the annual Nathan's Hot Dog Eating Contest carry a warning before the telecast... WARNING These Are Professional Eaters. Do not attempt to eat hot dogs unless under the strict supervision of an adult, registered medical professional or a guy named Kobayashi.

Federal law requires choking warning labels on certain toys including small balls, balloons and games with small parts. Unless food makers voluntarily put more warning labels on high-risk foods, there should be a similar mandate for food, the pediatrics academy says.
UGH! I say. Leave My Wiener Alone!

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