Friday, March 19, 2010

Warren...Don't Call Me Jimmy... Buffett

Warren Buffett is not your average investor. One of the most brilliant financial minds in the history of capitalism, Mr. Buffett has earned a personal fortune that regularly places him among Forbes magazine's wealthiest individuals. And yet, unlike so many of his fellow billionaires, Buffett isn't afraid to make fun of himself.

In a newly released promotional video for Geico Insurance, Mr. Buffett makes a surprise cameo appearance as an '80s style rocker with more than a passing resemblance to Axl Rose. The two-minute song, currently blowing up in the blogosphere, features real Geico employees singing a deliberately cheesy power ballad on customer service and the greatness of their company. Things get really interesting toward the end when, after a few quick and mysterious glimpses, Warren "The Shredder" Buffett takes to the stage in full glory.

Want to see the world's third richest person channel his inner rock god? Watch below...

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