Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Don't Tase Me Bro! TZZZZZZZZ!

Idiot Sports Fan + Taser = YouTube Video of said idiot being tased at a Philadelphia Philies Game Last Night. The "idiot" is a 17 year old named Steve Consalvi. Apparently Steve phoned his father, Wayne, to ask if he should run on to the field. Wayne's reaction, "I don't think you should son." REALLY!? That's it!? Not the deterring tone one would expect from a parent. It's more like if you asked your buddy, "Do you think I should try to pound this nail into my head?"
Now his father is questioning the use of the taser in stopping his dumb-ass son. The PC Police are also wondering if police used "unreasonable force" by tasing this moron... Wahhhhhhh!
NO! In my opinion they didn't use ENOUGH force. They should have beat him bloody, tased him a few more times and dragged him off the field in front of the entire stadium as a "subtle" reminder as what NOT to do to all idiots like him to NEVER do this again.

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  1. most exciting thing ive ever watched during a baseball game..