Tuesday, May 4, 2010

You're My Density

Meet Corey Goldfeder, a man who proposed to his girlfriend by recreating a scene from the film "Back to the Future" and arranging a showing for her at a local movie theater.

The couple had initially met at a costume party with Goldfeder dressed as Michael J. Fox’s Marty McFly character. The film was a favorite of both Goldfeder and his future fiancee.

To craft the proposal, Goldfeder spent more than a dozen hours editing himself into a clip of “Back to the Future” as Marty McFly with Doc Brown, asking if he should propose or not.

You can see footage of the scene here.

Goldfeder then orchestrated a fake “Michael J. Fox Retrospective Film Festival” with a local theater owner, brought along his girlfriend and, after twenty minutes of actual “Back to the Future” footage, she was floored with his video and proposal.
SO..... Did she say "YES" ? HELLO McFly... of course she did.

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