Friday, July 30, 2010

DIGITAL Drugs (a.k.a. iDosing) ???

Looking at the latest trends in the world of the teenager, I've run across such things as collectible "Silly Bandz", a new social networking platform called "Formspring", "Half-Baldies" - where girls partially shave their heads and , of course (yawn) vampires.
The most disconcerting thing I found was "digital drugs". It's gone from sniffing glue and raiding grandma's medicine cabinet to loggin onto the net to get high. What? That's what I said. No longer do you have to wait for Jimmy Sunshine to make you smile - YouTube is your new connection.
I-dosing uses sound frequencies to manipulate your brain and create a physiological effect that resembles a “high”. Like Pink Floyd's "The Wall" and your friend Tommy's couch in his parent's basement. Truth be told, it all sounds (pun intended) pretty innocent, its biggest negative effect is that it may lead to the usage of actual drugs - a gateway sound if you will.
So, while other generations peeled mushrooms off of cow’s dung and eroded their brains with RobitussinDM and Magic Eye 3D paintings, teens today are listening to an mp3 that made you half consider smoking a cigarette.


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