Tuesday, July 20, 2010

For Your Eyes Only

Not a James Bond flick but the latest gimmick to hit the market. "Flying Pasties" are meant to (quote) "obscure your private parts when entering a typical airport scanner". The latest security measure at airports is the so-called "naked body scanner". The contraption takes a whole-body photo and reveals any weapons you might have hidden. It can replace the strip-search, but people feel the image that TSA airport screeners see is an invasion of their privacy. Therefore, "Flying Pasties" conceal your nipples and crotch.

These "Flying Pasties" cost $20. They're orange stickers printed with the word "Private" across the front. It's supposed to make you feel protected from prying eyes as you walk through airport scanners. But the most painful part is probably peeling off the "Flying Pasties". It's worse than a Brazilian Waxing.

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