Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Soup For YOU!!!!!

Al Yeganeh, who rose to fame thanks to being portrayed as a "Soup Nazi" on a 1995 episode of "Seinfeld," reopened his store on Tuesday, much to the glee of soup fans and devotees of the hit TV sitcom alike. According to Reuters, about 100 people lined up in the 90-degree heat -- some for as long as an hour -- just to get a taste of Yeganeh's famed soup.

Both on the TV show and in real life, Yegenah -- who self-branded himself "The Original SoupMan" -- is as known for his strict ordering process as he was for his delicious soups. For 20 years, starting in 1984, Yeganeh was the owner of Soup Kitchen International on 55th Street near 8th Avenue in Manhattan. Riding the popularity of his "Seinfeld" portrayal, he shut down the popular business in 2004 so he could pursue franchise opportunities. Yeganeh still owns the rights to "The Original SoupMan" brand today.

"He's still the heart of the company," Bob Bertrand, "The Original SoupMan" president, told Reuters. "We cannot change the recipes, we do not change the recipes, every time we want to have a new soup he develops it for us."

Six years later, his shop is officially reopening where it all started, 259A West 55th Street in New York City, under the name The Original SoupMan. Just don't ask for free bread, please.

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