Thursday, January 20, 2011

The 2nd Worse Grassy Knoll in Dallas

"Step Right Up Folks and Don't Be Shy!"

Here's the deal... You travel to Dallas, Texas... give me $200 and then I send you through a thorough security processing (use your imagination and a rubber glove) then I'll give you a "scarf"(in TEXAS?) a game program, charge you $10+ per beer and THEN the magic begins.... You have to stand (not sit... NO SEAT FOR YOU!) in a mosh pit of humanity and stare up at a screen OUTSIDE the stadium that the ACTUAL game is taking place in... only in Texas and only at "Jerry World" the site of Super Bowl.
That's the deal! Shake my hand son... and move to the back of the line. This "genius plan"was all brought about by Cowboys owner, Jerry Jones, his "desire" to break the Super Bowl record for biggest crowd, which was set in 1980 when 103,985 attended the game at the Rose Bowl.
How people standing outside a stadium counts as attendance is beyond me.
They're calling it "The Party Plaza" Ohhhh! Ahhhhh! I can hear the carnival barker already calling out... "Step Right Up Folks... experience the Super Bowl like no one has EVER experienced it before!!!" Or should NEVER have to again.
I'm calling it the 2nd worse thing to happen on a grassy knoll in Dallas since.... well... that would be in poor taste and there's too much of that in Jerry's World already.

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