Friday, January 21, 2011

Life Imitating Seinfeld - O.B. Worthy ???

What would you pay for a box of tampons ... five bucks? Ten? How about 75 dollars? That's the price on an eBay auction of o.b. non-applicator tampons, which have suddenly become virtually impossible to find on store shelves. There's been no announcement about why the product has disappeared. No recall was ordered, and manufacturer Johnson and Johnson simply calls it "a temporary supply interruption" that will be addressed soon.

So what is the deal????


Debbie Stoller, editor of Bust magazine, says, "It has been a big deal because it's one of the only non-applicator tampons you can buy. People who choose to use this are a little bit politicized around it. They feel very strongly about these tampons."

Kinda' Like "The Sponge" .... Are You Sponge-Worthy

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